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Neural Network for Single Particle Tracking

Introducing the NNT

Our Neural Net Tracker is optimized through machine learning on both sophisticated synthetic data and terabytes of experimental data. The end result is a particle tracking software that can accurately and fully automatically track entities from nanoparticles to viruses to bacteria to cells, and generates individual traces and statistical analysis of the traces. See our publication in PNAS for details

  • Fixed processing time regardless of upload size (1-2 hours)
  • Truly objective and reproducible tracking
  • Accurate 2D and 3D even at low signal-to-noise ratio
  • Fully automated, streamlined workflow

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Feature NNT Mosaic ICY IDL
Fully Automated 3D Tracking Yes No No No
Fully Automated 2D Tracking Yes No No No
<3% False Positive Rate Yes Yes No No
<20% False Negative Rate Yes No No No
Accurate and Reproducible Results Yes No No No
Terabytes of Results in Hours Yes No No No

Reproducible Tracking Analysis

The NNT provides the only truly objective and reproducible particle tracking analysis on the market.

  • No user tunable parameters – removes human bias from experiments.
  • Different users uploading the same movie to the NNT will always get the same results.
  • Allows different labs to compare datasets objectively.


Intelligent, Accurate Tracking

The NNT can track a diverse array of entities including bacteria, viruses, cells, beads, and more!

  • Exceptionally accuracy on 2D and 3D videos.
  • For every video, you have the ability to confirm the NNT’s analysis with overlays (right) before any commitment.
  • Specifically designed to remove false positives from tracking analysis while minimizing false negatives.


Unparalleled Throughput & Speed

The NNT can turn terabytes of video data into quantitative results in mere hours!

  • Scalable and dynamic processing powered by GPUs on the Google cloud.
  • No matter the size of a given upload, you will always get results back within 1-2 hours after the upload is complete.
  • Enables you to include significantly more data in your research publications.


Tracking Will Never Be Easier

Simply upload the videos you want analyzed and have overlay videos and results available in hours. Once you select the overlay videos you want results for, you can immediately download your quantitative results. See the FAQ page for more details about what’s included in the quantitative results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens to my videos and analysis data after I’ve received the analyzed files? Do you store them in your system or on a cloud?
A: We allow users to set how long we store their analyzed data. If any user wishes to have us store their analyzed data in case they need to download it again, we will store analyzed data for up to a year. If the data is too sensitive to be stored, users can change their settings so that we delete their analyzed data 1 day after they download it.

Q: What sort of data security does AITS offer?
A: Our system is entirely integrated into the Google Cloud infrastructure which provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity straight from Google. All of our data channels go through authentication to ensure that no data can be stolen.

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